Gross Leckihorn – following Naesi’s and mammutli’s ski-tracks

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Tour Datum:13 Februar 2008
Ski Schwierigkeit: WS+
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Gross Leckihorn has been on my wish list for a while. When I saw Naesi’s report about it, I had to grin quite a bit, and, with this marvelous weather these days, I felt like going up there as well. So here is my story (sorry it’s not as funny as Naesi’s).

I arrived at the Realp train station shortly before 9 AM. After stepping out of the train I put on my skis. First I was following the minor street on the right side of the Furkareuss, and after a few hundred meters at P. 1603 crossing the bridge and entering the Witenwasserental. Once you’re in there you can’t miss the way to the SAC Rotondohütte. Starting at Hinter Schweig, it is clearly marked with big metal signposts, always telling you how far it is to the next signpost. Also, they are all numbered (number 1 being at the Rotondo hut).

At the SAC Rotondohüttet I made a short break and then followed the ski-tracks to the saddle to the left of Leckipass. Since I read in more than one post that it is advisable to have an ice axe and crampons for the last part up to the summit cross, I brought mine along as well. However, I did not need them at all. I guess under certain conditions it might be good to have them with you, but I’d say most of the time you’d be OK without.

Up at the summit cross, I had a chat with a nice guy who was very familiar with the area and could name lots and lots of peaks all the way around and how to best get up there as well. After he left, I was contemplating to climb the last few meters up to the highest point as well, but chickened out, because I didn’t feel comfortable to climb these very exposed last meters with my ski boots. Anyway, the view is fabulous even if you’re “only” at the summit cross (PS: The Gamelle for the summit log is still without a lid).

One thing I have to say here, those FA-18s and alike practicing in this area are very disturbing! They are sooo loud and penetrating that they really upset a hiker’s (and the wildlife’s) peace. If I wouldn’t have been for the Franz-Weber-Initiative before already, I would definitely be for it now.

After quite a long break I went back down to my skis. In order to ski down the Mutten glacier, I chose to go down to Leckipass on the eastside, because I saw the guy before me had to take the skis off because of rocks when choosing the direct way down.

Skiing the Muttenglacier was a lot of fun and to my surprise it was still powdery. The way from Muttenstafel to Eben along the Mutten valley is very scenic, but not very attractive for skis. The valley is very narrow, rather flat and there are quite a few stretches where you have to re-ascend a few meters. It would probably be more attractive to re-ascend about 300 meters towards (or all the way to) Stotziger First from Chrummegg and then ski down to Realp from there.

Anyway this tour was a lot of fun. Oh yeah and thanks to Ürsu-Pflug (aka mammutli) for the nice ski tracks!

Realp – Vorder.- Hinter Schweig – Ober Chäseren Witenwasserenstafel – Rotondohütte – Gross Leckihorn – Leckipass – Chrummegg – Muttenstafel – Ebnen – Realp

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