Eldorado Canyon Colorado USA

Published by LeslieUSA , 18 July 2009, 21h21.

Region: World » United States » Colorado
Date of the hike:17 July 2009
Hiking grading: T1 - Valley hike
Snowshoe grading: WT1 - Easy snowshoe hike
Time: 1 days

Eldorado Canyon is near Boulder, Colorado.   This hike is short and the trail is not steep.   No equipment is needed except water and camera.  I liked this hike because it is a quick escape from the city so it feels like a mini vacation; very refreshing.   There is a river at the base of the canyon with artisian water, natural caves and a vertical climbing wall so it was very interesting.  This hiking trail is maintained by the US Forest Service (public land) and signs are posted warning of flood and fire... but this is not a serious concern for day hikers.  I would recommend this hike for visiting families with older member and children as well as for people who are not used to our high elevation.

Hike partners: LeslieUSA


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Henrik says: Welcome - anywhere you
Sent 18 July 2009, 22h43
have your home! Pleased to see and read about the Great american Plains and Mountains!


Shepherd says: Hi Leslie!
Sent 19 July 2009, 10h10
I am glad that you followed my invitation to join Hikr! And thank you for recommending this website to your other flickr-friends

Kindest personal regards

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