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5:30↑860 m↓860 m   T3+  
29 Apr 14
Helvellyn, 950 m, mit Striding Edge, Swirral Edge, Catstye Cam
"The most famous ridge walk in the country" - so wird der von Osten zum Helvellyn ziehende Grat "Striding Edge" in der Literatur bezeichnet. Mit den Alpen kann das Lake District da nicht so ganz mithalten. Aber eine ganz anregende Kraxelei in ausgesetzter Position ist es schon, wobei man viele Stellen umgehen kann, was wir wegen...
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5:00↑750 m↓750 m   T2  
27 Apr 14
Old Man of Coniston, 803 m, über Dow Crag
Merkwürdiger Name für einen Berg - the Old Man of Coniston, hier eingebettet in eine etwas größere Runde bei leider nicht so üppigem Wetter. Wo die von Coniston steil aufwärts zeihende Walna Scar Road das freie Gelände erreicht, gibt es Parkmöglichkeiten. Die Walna Scar Road steigt als recht breiter Weg - der aber nicht...
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4:30↑600 m↓600 m   T3  
24 Feb 14
High Street via Kidsty Pike
After one day in the Lakes and three days with the Leeds Uni Hiking Club in Scotland, this was to be the final day of my return to the UK. I had one more day of hiking planned in the Lake District, within a two hour drive from Manchester Airport, where I would take a plane back to Zürich in the evening. Eliot was joining me...
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2:30↑350 m↓350 m   T2  
20 Feb 14
Aira Force and Gowbarrow Fell
I travelled back to the UK for five days last weekend. Three days with my favourite Leeds Uni Hiking Club in Glencoe in Scotland, and a day in the Lake District on either end. After landing in Manchester Airport on Wednesday evening, I made my way to Ambleside where I spent the night at the Walmar B&B.   A full...
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20 Okt 13
An unexpected sunny spell on Lord's Seat
(Continued from the previous day.)   A spell of sunshine is nicest when you least expect it. Look at us, smiling at the camera with squinted eyes because nobody though that sunglasses would be remotely useful on our hike. Heavy showers, with possible thunderstorms, and an almost nil change of cloud-free summits was the...
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7:00↑800 m↓900 m   T3  
19 Okt 13
Skiddaw north to south
I was back in my beloved Lake District this weekend with the Leeds University Union Hiking Club. The Lake District is such an unwritten page on Hikr, what a shame. I'll definitely try to add some of my past hikes in the Lakeland on Hikr as well.   I've often been lucky with the weather in the Lake District. Not this...
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6:00↑850 m↓850 m   WT3  
11 Dez 11
A day like in a Fairy Tale: Helvellyn in Winter
The second day of my Lake District Winter weekend the weather cannot be better so I plan to hike up the iconic Helvellyn from the panoramic Thirlmere side. What a great day this will become ! I start from Swirl parking at 10 am. The flank is bewteen 25 and 40 degrees and above 300m the snow cover was sufficient to don my MSR...
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5:00↑650 m↓650 m   T2 WT3  
10 Dez 11
Skiddaw (931m): amazing views after a whiteout
In December it has been snowing a lot in northern England and so I decided to spend a weekend in the Lake District, enjoying the beautyful scenery of white hills and green valleys. I left London on Friday 7pm, drove up the M6 and slept in a motel along the M6 some 100km after Manchester. Left early on Saturday and was in...
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5:00↑1600 m↓1600 m   T2  
5 Nov 11
Climbing Fairfield. Who said it was always raining in the Lake District?
Another day off on the http://www.uimla.org/cms/ general assembly. This year, it was decided to have a break and a hike between the two journeys of the General Assembly. So, we went for the Horse Shoe hike of Fairfield. Start is in Ambleside, which is the town located at the northern end of Windermere Water. At first, we needed...
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4:00↑1550 m↓1550 m   T2  
1 Nov 11
On the Old Man of Coniston
Actually I was in Bowness on Windermere for some other reasons. But I managed to have a day off so it was suggested to me to climb to the Old Man of Coniston. The reason for that is that the view is potentially wide and interesting. So I took a taxi bound for Coniston... well the bus service just changed the timetable and it...
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