Color&Style Revolution + Javascript Improvement

Publiziert von Anna, 19. Mai 2008 um 20:54. Diese Seite wurde 115 mal angezeigt.

Büna saira together,

We did some big modification of the style and of the scripts in order to uniform the layout on different browsers, improve the layout  and make the website faster than before.
Well, maybe it will seem to you still the same, but I assure you, we modified each page of the site. So, it is possible that there is some bug: if you notice something strange, let us know. For example, it's possible that there is some text that became too big or too small: this is not normal, tell us, if you see something like this.

The report-page and the photo-page should now load faster than before. Is this true for you? Please, send us your feedback.

As usual, we didn't have the possibility to test on IE7. So, if you are an IE7 user, your feedback is really important for us.


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