"In der Nahe" Experiment III

Publiziert von Anna, 3. April 2008 um 14:53. Diese Seite wurde 106 mal angezeigt.

Allegra together,

We did some improvement to the new "In der Nahe" list.
Now the list is located before the comments, so it's  always visible, also when the post has a lot of comments.
If there are a lot of reports, we cut it on the fith report. This way it remains small, but visible.

There is also a new menu on the right side with an overview of the page content.


PS: I forgot other important thing: now "Related" and "In the nähe" tabs have separate reports (previously "related" reports also appeared "In der nähe"), and the current report is not listed.

PPS: We was thinking about "user-refinement" of the "related" list. It means that the author of the current report could say that another report is more "related" than other. For example, it could be same tour (two hike partners that publish their own reports), same route, a "variante" or ... you name it. This could be a very *easy* way to collect interesting information, like routes, something that we don't have on hikr yet. (Well, I'm sure that would be great and very interesting but I'm not sure my explanation is clear enough :)))

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