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Hi hikrs!

Thanks to Mr. Mercator and Mr. justus, we found a more powerful way to draw the maps.
Now, we're working on a new version of the hikr's map. For the moment is still under construction, but we would like to show you the very first version of something working. The idea is that you  have a look at it, say us if it works ok for you and  give us some  suggestions  what do you want have as functions for the new map.

For the moment, there is not so much things implemented: we have already implemented the "engine" that draws waypoints on the map. Another feature is that, if you zoom enough, the name of the point appears next to the marker.  We also added a Google map search: you can search for a place, like a village.

We will continue this development now, hopefully with your help. So, send us your suggestions here.

You find the new map at


PS: After some thinking, we decided that we will write here in META in English. That's because it's really easier for us and probally more comprehensible for you that my version of the language of Goethe. Also, this way we will write more often. If someone feels like a translator just go ahead: post your translation in comments.

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