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Publiziert von Zaza, 23. November 2007 um 12:18. Diese Seite wurde 91 mal angezeigt.

If several hikrs make some hike together, it would be nice if they could all edit the report. This would enable them to upload their best pictures without having to send them to and fro or to write another report. As credits for pictures are a nice feature, it might be interesting to add some button "who is uploading" (only when several hikrs were on the same trip).

Hope this is comprehensible...and feasible.





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Anna hat gesagt: Great idea!
Gesendet am 23. November 2007 um 21:39
I think this is something missing. It was already in our features list at the beginning of the hikr project, but we never did it.
But definitely we should add it!

Have a nice evening

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