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Dear Botanists
At the moment there is an ongoing project to update the Red List of the vascular plants of Switzerland. Following a standardised method, previously known locations where a certain plant species had been found, but not confirmed in recent years, will be visited and examined by volunteers. There are over 800 target species for which this method will be applied.
Thus, there is a lot of work ahead, and especially in mountainous regions, new volunteers would be highly welcomed. In case you are interested, follow this link for more info and for the contact data of the regional coordinators (info so far only in German and French).To join the network of volunteers, a certain botanical knowledge is of course required, which will enable you to definitively recognize a plant in the field, or to learn it very quickly!
Over this link, you can also access a map of the locations (on a rough 1 km2 grid without exact location or species identity). For me, this will be a nice decision-making aid when it comes to organise my next botanical hikes - most of these locations are in otherwise very nice regions, and you also get part of the travel expenses reimbursed.
By the way, the CRSF is interested in all your botanical finds that you might make on your hikes (with as exact coordinates as possible). You can enter them directly here or send them in other ways. The CRSF has on its website information on all Swiss plant species and maps of their distribution. Our findings in turn enable them to update these maps and other products such as the Red List.
Happy botanizing! Sonja

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