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Woof woof hikrs!

I'm glad to announce you that we have another new feature, specially crafted for those who have their own website or blog!

Some of you publish your reports on and on your own website. What you can do now is to take the map from your report and put it on your website. The map is exactly like map on hikr, including all GPS tracks of the report, peaks, huts and other stuff.

All you have to do is to press a little button (it looks like this "<>") under the mini-map and copy the HTML code from there into your website. You can also change some parameters, like size or color. Look, there is a screenshot!

Attention, as you will see, this feature is disabled by default, so nobody can use your precious map without your permission. To use the map sharing, first you have to go to your preferences, choose "Permissions" and allow all or some selected websites – like for example yours – to embed your map. There is a link to the permissions page. And there is another screenshot.

Try it and post here in comments a link to your page with an embedded hikr-map.

Best regards and Happy New Year (January the 14th – Russian version!)
Your PR friend,

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