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16 Nov 14

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Wysokie Tatry   T2  
16 Nov 14
Once more at Czarny Staw
Once again I have been in Poland. And once again in the High Tatras. And again, I was really suprised how these mountains and the people visiting it are so different. First, you have to know that Poland is a big country with almost 40 million inhabitants. But the only mountain ranges are in the south of Poland (Beskidy, High...
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Wysokie Tatry   T2  
11 Nov 07
A small hike in the Polish Tatry
Actually I was in Zakopane for some other activities (even if they were related to hiking). I was there attending the UIMLA General Assembly as a delegate. We spent a couple of days for the meeting and then, as it is done traditionally, we went for a small hike in the Tatra. During the whole General Assembly, snow was falling,...
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