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4 Mai 18

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California   T4+ WS  
4 Mai 18
Woods Lake a nice alternative start for a ski tour to Round Top
As you might have noticed by now, Round Top is one of my favorite goals in winter and summer. So far my starting point for this tour has always been Carson Pass. For back-country ski tours the section from Carson Pass to Winnemucca Lake is somewhat sub-optimal. The main reason is that this part is rather flat with only little gain...
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California   T4+ WT3  
24 Nov 17
Round Top: Normal Route from Carson Pass
Quick trip to the Sierra to check out the snow situation at Round Top. I should have brought my skis along, because there was more than plenty of the white stuff. Walked from Carson Pass to Winnemucca Lake to the saddle between The Sisters and Round Top and then via west ridge (snow free) to the top. Back the same way. (For...
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California   T4+ SS+  
19 Mai 17
Round Top via Crescent Moon Couloir
If I had to name "my favorite peak" in my new home, it would have to be Round Top. Not only because I have been on top of it 3 times already, but also because it offers quite a few interesting routes, in summer and winter and with it's >10000ft altitude a very nice view as well. One of the little more adventurous routes to the...
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California   T4+ WS  
16 Mai 16
First (and Last) Ski Tour of the season 2015/2016: Round Top
The two main conclusions from my hike a few days ago were: "There is plenty of snow on the Northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a ski tour and I need to improve my fitness" helped me decide on what to do on this day: A ski tour with only little altitude gain on the northern slopes of Round Top. Since I hiked Round...
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California   T4+ I  
5 Nov 14
With Omega3 on top of Round Top and The Sisters - Mokelumne Wilderness revisited
On their short visit in California Omega3 and partner stopped by at our house and "oh surprise", the next day we planned to go on a hike together. Unfortunately the Sierra Nevada got hit by the first winter storm of the season on the weekend before they arrived. However, judging from webcams and the word from a friend's relative...
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California   T2 IV  
11 Jun 14
Alternative Facts - or First hikr's report about the Nose on El Capitan, Yosemite
First report about the world famous Nose on El Capitan, Yosemite on! Basically nothing more to write. I did the first few meters, no kidding, did it, impressive! That should be enough to produce some "alternative facts" like its currently normal in the US, regarding the current Pretender in DC. Stroll around the base...
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California   T4+ I WT4  
18 Dez 13
The Sisters Elephants Back (is) Round (on) Top - Snowshoe Hike in the Mokelumne Wilderness
The Sierra Nevada hasn't gotten much snow so far this season. In fact it looks like this will be the driest year on record (all over California). Therefore the amount of snow in the Sierra is rather meager and after my last weeks test of the snow up there, I decided to not scratch my skis any further until some serious snowfall...
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