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Nov 9
India   T3  
19 Oct 09
Dharamshala to Triund
So where do I start from…. I got back one evening feeling rather restless, I somehow managed to sleep and that’s when I had a dream… I found myself amongst nature, snow peaked mountains… suddenly I woke up to realize that my maid was ringing the bell… I kept thinking about the dream I had, as if...
Published by Manish Verma 9 November 2009, 16h31 (Photos:34)
Sep 17
India   T2  
5 Sep 09
Dharampur to Kasauli
Excellent hike and lush green Himalayas. The hike started at Dharampur, Solan region. There is a proper tarmac road to reach Kasauli from Dharampur. However, we chose the hike way. Its a 10 Km trek approx. which takes 6 hours. Its a easy to moderate hike with a variety of flora and fauna on the way. The path could get a bit...
Published by Tushar Mehta 17 September 2009, 07h42 (Photos:21)
Jul 15
India   T2  
12 Jul 08
Dagshai, Himachal Pradesh
Dakshai Trek (Dharampur to Charring Cross)  Season - Monsoon
Published by Tushar Mehta 15 July 2008, 11h12 (Photos:14)