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Piemonte   T2  
13 Jun 10
Monte Massone (2161 m)
We started from Luzzogno at 9.30 am following the Z6 trial. It starts with steep ascend to Alpe Torriggia. Then we reached the top of Monte Massone at 2 pm having two breaks on the way. On the way back we took a trial via Alpe Campallero which was even steeper than Z6. However both trials are technically simple, and well signed....
Published by jedboy 15 June 2010, 23h25 (Photos:8)
Piemonte   T3  
6 Jun 10
Cima Capezzone (2421m)
We started from Campello Monti at 11.30. It was cloudy but weather seemed stable. We reached Rifugio Abele Traglio and Loago Capezzone at 2 pm. There were some parts with snow, but no difficulties with following the trail. At 2.30 we decided to go up to Cima Capezzone. There was small fog and weather was not very stable. At the...
Published by jedboy 7 June 2010, 11h26 (Photos:16)
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