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Waadtländer Jura   T1  
21 Apr 13
Romainmotier - La Sarraz
An easy walk in Jura Vaudoise on a cloudy April day. It was interesting to see a stone with neolithic signs (Pierre gravee), ancient chalk and iron ovens and a small waterfall on Venoge (Tine de Conflens).
Published by ilja 22 April 2013, 22h10 (Photos:37 | Geodata:5)
Piemonte   T2  
11 Apr 13
Cannero Riveria - Carmine superiore - Cannobio
We left Cannero shortly before noon on a cloudy spring day. After leaving the city on the east, we first had to walk ~300 m on a main route without a pavement - a very unpleasant experience. The nice part started after reaching the bus stop "Villa Muller". First the route goes from the level of the lake rather steep up to Cheggio,...
Published by ilja 13 April 2013, 18h04 (Photos:32)
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