Weistannen to Elm (Glarus)

Published by GEM , 24 July 2013, 16h00.

Region: World » Switzerland » St.Gallen
Date of the hike:22 July 2013
Hiking grading: T3 - Difficult Mountain hike
Time: 9:00
Height gain: 1200 m 3936 ft.
Route:Untersäss, Matten, Over the Foo Pass to Elm
Access to start point:Post-Auto to Weisstannen from Sargans. Tip: The bus usually goes only to Weistannen Oberdorf, but if you can catch one that goes to Weisstannen Vorsiez, you can save an hour. (I took several long breaks. The hike is posted at 8 hours from Weisstannen). The Vorsiez stop only seems to be available Saturday and Sunday. There's not much there except a large farmhouse with cheese-making equipment, so that bus stop must be for the hikers.
Access to end point:Elm has one bus in and out. Not a bustling town.
Accommodation:Elm Sonne is low-end (Budget). The ice-cream si good, but...well, you get what you pay for. It was clean, the staff a bit beleagured. A walk around town turned up two places I hadn't seen on the internet: The Elmer Hotel, with a friendly man at the front desk, and the Gasthaus Segnes, which looked popular. I'd likely stay at one of those two places next time.

The trip up to the Foo Pass from Weisstannen is more interesting than the somewhat steep descent to Elm on the other side. From Vorsiez on you'll be in some lovely woods for a while, then climb out and go over the first pass, which I thought was the Foo Pass. As if. Once you've ascended you can see the higher mountains waiting. You'll climb down into a dip where the road seems to end; there were several parked cars. Then the red and white path leads along the high craggy side of a mountain. Deep below, there's the sound, and occasionally glimpses, of tumultous waterfalls. Once past that, you'll descend into an area with three different broad creeks. It was difficult to see the path; I lost it when I erronously crossed on of the brooks. Once I ascended, I could see the better path stayed to the right of the first brook; if you follow that you'll come up right by Alp Foo, although the drinks the guidebook promised weren't available, unless I'd gone straight to a cow and milked her.
From there it was about forty five minutes on a well marked path up to Foo Pass, where I could see the alps of Glarus laid out before me. A great feeling.
The path to Elms is steep for about the first half an hour, down to a farm, and then levels out into a graded road. High time, as my feet were sore, and I was ready for a hot shower.

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