Maja e Zebe

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Region: World » Albanien
Date of the hike:30 June 2013
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: AL 
Time: 2:00
Height gain: 430 m 1410 ft.
Access to start point:For the approach to the trailhead, see attached 4WD trail. Approach is either from Kukes or Thirrë. For those not inclined to bang their car on the last 4 kilometer to the trailhead, you may hike instead of driving it. Remember you also have to add another four kilometer for the return hike. Alternatively, drive to the village of Arren and hike from there

Maja e Zebe is the highpoint of Mali i Shentit, the long ridge to the south of the highway from Rreshen to Kukes, and north of the Lure National Park and Lure Mountain.

Maja e Zebe, topping out at almost 2000 meter altitude, is an easy hike - provided you know how to get there. Unfortunately, we didn't have fine weather, but the views when available should be outstanding: Lure Mountains, Deja Mountain, Korab, Gjalica, Kalimash, Munella and many more destinations should be in full view.

There is some confusion as to where the summit of Maja e Zebe is located. Our measurement place it at summit no.2, while some maps place it at summit no.1, and one map at summit no.3. Summit no.3 looks the highest. As an alternative return hike, you may descend from summit no.3 down the ridge and back to the car.

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 16641.kml Hike Maja e Zebe
 16642.kml Access trailhead to Maja e Zebe


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