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Magura to Cabana Curmatura

Published by detlefpalm , 22 November 2018, 09h29.

Region: World » Romania » Carpati
Date of the hike: 5 May 2017
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: RO 
Time: 5:30
Height gain: 787 m 2581 ft.
Height loss: 787 m 2581 ft.
Route:15.5 Kilometer

Cabana Curmatura is one of the key mountain huts in the Pietra Craiului National Park, from which the summits of the Königstein may be climbed.

The month of May may not be a good time, generally, to attempt a hike to the summit ridge, because of lingering snow and ice, rain and unpredictable weather conditions. Nevertheless, a hike to the hut remains a memorable undertaking, and is a good introduction to the area. And in early May, you can be fairly sure to be the only hiker on the trail.

Most hikers will hike Cabana Curmatura from Zârnesti, but it can be done from the village of Magura, too. It is a bit frustrating to first descend almost 170 meters into the ravine before beginning the ascend to the Curmatura hut - and also to descend into the ravine just to climb up to Magura village again. But then, if the day is long, why not?

Once you find your way from Magura into the gorge of the river Prápástiilor, the adventure begins. Gaze at the vertical rock faces of the gorge that attract climbers from all over the world, or ponder what to do when you meet the bears in the dark forests of the Pietra Craiului Park.

The unpaved road through the gorge is blocked by a gate, at the indicated way point - so don't expect traffic except for the rare forest work or the supply-quad for the Curmatura hut.

We were the only guests at the Cabana, got some soup, imagined the excitement of the mountaineers in the peak season, and continued our loop hike on the yellow striped trail, which was in excellent condition.
Though we hit a foggy and sometimes rainy day, we found this a very enjoyable outing and a good introduction to Romanian mountains.

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4 May 17
Magura village exploration · detlefpalm

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