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Phipps Peak 2815 m 9233 ft.

Peak in 1 hike report, 4 photo(s). Last visited :
15 Dec 17

Geo-Tags: USA, US-CA, Desolation Wilderness

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California   T4- WT1  
15 Dec 17
Phipps Peak - A nice snowshoe & hike roundtrip from Emerald Bay
California's weather is currently influenced by a so-called "blocking high" off the Atlantic coast which brought us nice warm and sunny T-Shirt days down in the valley for almost all of December so far (and it doesn't look like it will change any time soon). Unfortunately this prevents the winter storms from rolling in and the...
Published by 360 18 December 2017, 16h42 (Photos:20 | Geodata:1)