Höfener Mühle 490 m 1607 ft.

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5 Sep 18

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Eifel   T1  
5 Sep 18
The House of the Dutchman and the Long Glade
The hikes starting at the Höfener Mühle are rightly known for the access to the Daffodil fields - when in season. But the area is beautiful during all times of the year. In this case, we even found Apple and Plum trees along the trails. This trail explores some of lesser known paths in the area. Particularly noteworthy is the...
Published by detlefpalm 1 November 2018, 19h43 (Photos:5 | Geodata:1)
Eifel   T1  
22 Jan 17
Winter Pattern at the Jägersief
A winter walk near the Höfener Mühle. Plenty of snow, glorious weather, well below the freezing point, make this hike even more desirable than in summer. The Fuhrtsbach and the Perlenbach were partly frozen. The long ascent from the valley to the Jägersief is sufficient exercise to keep warm. The shiny new shelter at the...
Published by detlefpalm 10 November 2018, 17h52 (Photos:5 | Geodata:1)