Elephants Back 2920 m

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26 Mai 17

Geo-Tags: USA, US-CA, Mokelumne Wilderness

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California   T3 WS-  
26 Mai 17
Round Top from NE - Elephants Back
I had plenty of real life views and took many many pictures of Round Top in the last few weeks. Due to the massive amounts of snow this area got during this winter, I thought of an approach to the top from northeast. I did not find any reports in the www about such a line, but judging from my inspection last week from the top and...
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California   T4+ I WT4  
18 Dez 13
The Sisters Elephants Back (is) Round (on) Top - Snowshoe Hike in the Mokelumne Wilderness
The Sierra Nevada hasn't gotten much snow so far this season. In fact it looks like this will be the driest year on record (all over California). Therefore the amount of snow in the Sierra is rather meager and after my last weeks test of the snow up there, I decided to not scratch my skis any further until some serious snowfall...
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