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Romania   T2 F PD  
14 Dec 10
Cindrel Mountains
Ein nettes 1 Tag Route zu Cindrelgebirge. Wir wollten Cindrel Peak in einem Tag erreichen, aber es war nicht wegen des Wetters möglich. Wir begannen den Weg vom Paltinis Sky Resort und folgte auf einem markierten Weg die Basis der Spitze Cindrel. Insgesamt gingen wir ca. 20 km.
Published by Sergiu Stoica 15 December 2010, 19h10 (Photos:9 | Geodata:1)
Romania   T3+ PD+ V+  
23 Apr 10
Grota lui Hili 3A, 5+, 5lc
Couple of pictures from the route called "Grota lui Hili', from the region of Cheile Turzii, near Cluj Napoca. This is one of the most interesting route from this region, it consist of a 150 m climb inside a cave without a roof.
Published by Sergiu Stoica 25 April 2010, 19h23 (Photos:10)
Romania   T1  
31 Mar 10
Danube Delta 2010
Some pictures from my trip to the Danube Delta in the spring of 2010. I stood there three days. I hope you like them.
Published by Sergiu Stoica 13 April 2010, 16h11 (Photos:24)
Romania   PD+  
8 Feb 10
Balea Cabana
Three days of skying and snowbording on the Fagaras Mountains, near the Hut Balea (2044m).
Published by Sergiu Stoica 12 February 2010, 16h41 (Photos:13)
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