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Piemonte   T2  
20 Sep 11
Cingino dam ibex
We have always dreamed to see alpine ibex in the wild. As we weren't lucky to meet them, we decided to go to a place where they would be for sure - dam of Cinginolake. Unfortunately, it is not an easy place to reach without car, so we had to wait some time for an opportunity to go.   Finally, one nice day in September...
Published by Ma & Po 29 October 2011, 20h06 (Photos:12 | Geodata:1)
Lombardy   T2  
22 Oct 11
Grigna Meridionale - climbing over the clouds
Informative part One of the most popular mountains in Lombardy, Grigna Meridionale, turns out to be rather easily accesible by public transport. A bit demanding hike for the whole day starting from Lecco. To get to Ballabio take a bus D35 from square in front of the train station. Then there is a nice hike (approx....
Published by Ma & Po 24 October 2011, 23h07 (Photos:11 | Geodata:1)
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