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Jungfraugebiet   T3+  
16 Jun 12
Grütschalp - Rotstockhütte - Sefinafurgga - Griesalp
In June, on a perfect weekend, solo, starting at about 20:00. From Lauterbrunnen Zentrum, take the incline railway to Grütschalp. One may take the small train there to Mürren and then begin the hike, but I took a more serene, more scenic, less-travelled, and less-steep route. From Grütschalp, I took a trail that more-or-less...
Published by kc44b 30 September 2012, 17h13 (Photos:11)
Waadtländer Alpen   T4-  
26 Jun 11
Leysin Gebiet: Tour de Mayan, Tour de Famelon
SBB to Aigle and small railway to Leysin. Then, up the cable car to Berneuse @ 2045M. From there, a 6 hour hiketo the towers Mayen andFamelon. Ending back in Le Sepey, where we caught the bus (train under repair) back to Aigle and then SBB again. Considering the fine summer weather, not so many people (uncrowded--nice)....
Published by kc44b 16 July 2011, 08h26 (Photos:7)
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