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Colorado   T5  
8 May 76
Longs Peak 4346 m
There is no higher peak, if you were to fly east from here across the United States, across the Atlantic until Mont Blanc.  This peak was seen by the Stephen Long expedition of 1820 first on June 30 of that year and his name appears on it as early as 1825. Long would have seen the mountain from 9000 feet below its summit from...
Published by Mark 25 November 2007, 19h49 (Photos:7)
Maine   T3  
8 Aug 83
Mount Katahdin- various trips
This hike may be accomplished in a day and involves 5.2 miles of ascent and the same to return.  There are leantos and tenting sites but these must be reserved ahead of time.Lat/Long    45.90440 N/  68.9338 W
Published by Mark 25 November 2007, 04h23 (Photos:9)
Wyoming   III  
2 Aug 05
The Devils Tower, La Tour du Diable, Teufelsturm
The Devils Tower is located in the northeast corner of Wyoming in Crook County.  This is a bit west of Rapid City South Dakota, the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore and Deadwood.  We recall that Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the number 10 saloon in Deadwod while holding the dead man's hand: two aces and two eights:  The...
Published by Mark 25 November 2007, 02h59 (Photos:5)
Maine   T2  
20 Jul 86
A Hike up Mount OJI
OJI has named itself by the shape of  landslides.  A further landslide in the 1930'a somewhat spoiled the lettering.  The mountain is 3434 feet high and is off the Newsowdnehuenk tote road a gravel road that starts at the Togue Pond Gatehouse for Baxter State Park a large state park of about 81,000 ha.  OJI is...
Published by Mark 11 November 2007, 18h47 (Photos:7)
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