Ruskaretki in Lapland

Published by Hannu , 1 October 2008, 11h07.

Region: World » Finland
Date of the hike:13 September 2008
Time: 5 days

12 (wise) men hiked from Hetta to Pallas-Hotel. The colors of autumn were not as rich as they could have been but in the shining sun light it was beautiful anyway. And the silence and open space around you in the heights where no trees are growing was so relaxing. Reindeers wandering around you and eagle and ravens gliding in the sky made the world almost unreal. And not to forget the northern lights (aurora borealis) that we saw in two nights!! I know many have seen more amazing lights in the night sky but for a lapland-visitor even these were something to remember!

Hike partners: Hannu


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