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Through the main mountain chain of Góry Sowie

Published by leiter84 , 11 July 2011, 21h25.

Region: World » Polen » Góry Sowie
Date of the hike: 9 July 2011
Hiking grading: T2 - Mountain hike
Geo-Tags: PL 
Time: 4:45
Height gain: 400 m 1312 ft.
Height loss: 200 m 656 ft.
Route:Walim - Wielka Sowa - Przełęcz Jugowska - Rymarz - Zimna Polanka - Bielawa
Access to start point:Wrocław->Wałbrzych->Walim with buses
Access to end point:Bielawa->Wrocław with bus

From small sleepy town Walim with yellow-marked route we hiked in direction of the highest peak of Góry Sowie: Wielka Sowa. The route, at the beginning chalenging with every kilometer becames more and more milder until finaly we reached Wielks Sowa. From the top of the stone tower we could observe all the beautifull landscape of surrounding area. And afterwards make a small barbecue for a lunch in campfire.
From Wielka Sowa with red-marked route we continued our hike in direction of Przełęcz Jugowska and Rymarz and finally reaching Zimna Polanka we stepped down to Bielawa.
Unfortunatelly I have lost my memory card with pictures taken during the hike

Hike partners: leiter84

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