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About is a non-profit website where people publish reports and photos of their mountain-tours in order to keep memories and share experiences, impressions and other useful information with the community. is a place where to search for new ideas for mountain-tours. We already have few thousands detailed and informative reports in more than 400 regions of the world, and growing. is a huge photo-gallery of many thousands photos of the mountains and the nature. is a club where you can meet other mountain people like you. Everyone can participate for free.
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Who are people behind

First of all, there are more than a hundred active contributors of who publish here their reports and photos. Those people created all the content you can find here!

There is also a small team composed Anna (Anna Putrino} and Stani (Stanislav Chachkov). We are developpers and administrators of this site.

Contact. You can contact the hikr team by email: or by internal private message.

Our mascot and PR specialist is Zina.
Maps Google Maps,,
Technology php, mysql, smarty, apacheFCKeditor, FamFamFam Silk Icons
Thanks 360Delta, Smaller, Stephen, Cyrill, Günter for help with translations
Sputnik for fixing many swiss coordinates
justus for the idea for the algorithm of the map

Published by Anna, 31 October 2006, 21h10.

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