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sharat says:
Sent 17 June 2008, 13h23
hey great pic..may i know which place is this

gurgeh says: RE:
Sent 17 June 2008, 15h50
Somewhere above Soglio, in Val Bregaglia (Bergell), coming down from pass de la duana. Check out the map of the tour, you'll find both waypoints.

johnny says: great picture
Sent 18 June 2008, 20h58
great landscape

Sent 1 August 2008, 12h33
i remember walking in Bergell when i was doing a hut hike when i was 18. Not as demanding as the mountains in Val d'aniviers or Zermatt regio, but great landscapes. And lots of 'non-hut' opportunities to sleep during your hike and buy food on reasonable heights, so you can hike a long time without wasting too much money :)

Randa says:
Sent 1 September 2009, 13h03
So wonderful!

beppe says: Fantastica
Sent 8 September 2013, 05h26

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