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Pyramid Peak 3043 m 9981 ft.

Peak in 4 hike reports, 63 photo(s). Last visited :
15 Jun 18

Geo-Tags: USA, US-CA, Desolation Wilderness

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California   T3+ I  
15 Jun 18
Pyramid Peak via Rocky Canyon
The general setup was more or less the same as last week, not too much time for an extended hike so something with little ramp-up time was needed. Since I also didn't have time to prepare any new hikes I just decided to go back to Pyramid Peak once again. In order to make sure I would reach my goal on this day, I didn't only start...
Published by 360 19 June 2018, 19h02 (Photos:8 | Geodata:1)
California   T4+  
30 Jun 17
Of melting snow, "falling horsetails" and a pyramid
The first time I saw the Horsetail Falls, I wasn't all that impressed. Due to the drought then and the late season, the waterfall had nothing but a tiny bit of water trickling down from the Desolation Valley. The current situation with record amounts of melting snow should give the falls a much more impressive character. In...
Published by 360 3 July 2017, 21h15 (Photos:21 | Geodata:1)
California   T4+  
5 Aug 16
Pyramid Peak revisited
Pyramid Peak was the first peak I visited after moving to California, almost 3 years ago. Looking for some more workout with quite some altitude gain, I decided to go back and pay it another visit. This time I decided to walk up via Rocky Canyon (my way down the last time) and check out the north ridge for my way down and later...
Published by 360 23 August 2016, 02h52 (Photos:24 | Geodata:1)
California   T4 I  
23 Oct 13
Desolation Wilderness: Pyramid Peak
Viele von Euch haben es bemerkt… ich war 1 1/2 Monate lang alpinistisch untätig. Dies hat einen tieferen Grund, denn mein Lebensmittelpunkt hat sich seit meiner letzten Tour geographisch um fast 10'000km gegen Westen und knapp 1'000km gegen Süden verschoben. Die CH-Alpen sind nun nicht mehr mein Haupt-Gipfel-Jagdgebiet,...
Published by 360 31 October 2013, 21h01 (Photos:17 | Comments:9 | Geodata:1)