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Hoher Atlas   T4-  
12 Jul 14
Jbel Toubkal (4167m) & Imouzzer (4010m) Traverse
When we arrived in Marrakech our Taxi driver was already waiting for us. He had a big sign with my name on it, well not entirely, but something that looked similar.He was happy seeing us and we went out of the airport to his car. The first thing I noticed when walking out of the airport was the heat. It must have been about 35...
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Trentino-Südtirol   T3  
30 Jul 16
Monte Scorluzzo (3090m) & Roetlspitz / Piz Cotschen (3026m)
As a warm up for our climb of both Ortler and Piz Palu we climbed Roetlspitz / Punta Rosa(3025m) and Monte Scorluzzo (3090m) as a day trip from the Passo dello Stelvio / Stilfsersjoch. After driving all night from the Netherlands (and passing the Reschensee + drowned church), we arrived early in the morning in Trafoi, were we set...
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Trentino-Südtirol   T5 WS- I  
31 Jul 16
Battling the elements on Vertainspitze & Hoher Angelus
Vertainspitze (3545m) & Hoher Angelus (3521m) After a day of hiking around the Stelvio Pass with climbs of both Monte Scorluzzo and Roetlspitz we were ready for the next step in our climbing week: The traverse of Hoher Angelus and Vertainspitze. Maarten and me were really looking forward to this route. We wanted to do...
Publiziert von Lodewijk 6. August 2017 um 11:53 (Fotos:46)
Bellinzonese   T3  
23 Jul 17
Piz de Molinera (2288m) from Lumino
Piz de Molinera straight from the Netherlands After driving through the night from the Netherlands (10 hours) we arrived in Val Calanca early in the morning. Our initial plan was to drive up to Alp di Stabveder and climb Pizzo di Claro like we did earlier; back in 2008. To our surpise the road starting from Arvigo was closed by...
Publiziert von Lodewijk 24. Juli 2017 um 21:17 (Fotos:34 | Kommentare:2)
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