Rosia Montana

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Region: Welt » Romania » Apuseni » Rosia Montana
Tour Datum: 1 Mai 2010
Wandern Schwierigkeit: T1 - Wandern
Hochtouren Schwierigkeit: L
Klettern Schwierigkeit: II (UIAA-Skala)
Schneeshuhtouren Schwierigkeit: WT1 - Leichte Schneeschuhwanderung
Klettersteig Schwierigkeit: L
Ski Schwierigkeit: L
Eisklettern Schwierigkeit: WI1
Mountainbike Schwierigkeit: L - Leicht fahrbar
Zeitbedarf: 5:15
Aufstieg: 900 m
Strecke:Rosia Montana
Zufahrt zum Ausgangspunkt:Deva - Brad - Zlatna - Abrud
Zufahrt zum Ankunftspunkt:Roșia Montană

    In Rosia Montana one can visit one of the oldest goldmines in Europe, going back to the roman times, almost 2000 years ago. The mines, digged in stone by roman slaves, are unique in the world because of the trapezoidal shape of the galleries, which do not need sustaining pillars.

   The sensation one has  is that of going back in time. Modern agriculture hasn't arived here yet, people are growing animals and use them to do their daily work on the field.

   The small villige Rosia Montana lies there with its old houses, most of them left behind without inhabitants.

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