Relay Peak 3151 m

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20 Apr 18

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Nevada   WS+  
20 Apr 18
Relay - and Incline Peak - a very scenic backcountry ski tour
Same setup as last week with the difference that I wanted to ski a little more. Almost the same start, just "the other" pull-out on Highway 431 at Incline Lake. My goal today was Relay Peak via the west ridge, ski down to Ginny Lake, skin up to Incline Peak and then back to the car via the same route as last week to Incline Lake....
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Nevada   WS  
12 Mär 14
Tamarack Peak, Mount Houghton and Relay Peak - Peak Bagging in Nevada's Sierra
My original plan for this day was to do a ski or snowshoe tour up to Mount Rose. This mountain is very close to the California - Nevada border and relatively easy to get to from the Mount Rose Summit, the pass on Highway 431 between Reno and Tahoe. The goal was to first climb Tamarack Peak and via it's northern hour-glass-bowl get...
Publiziert von 360 15. März 2014 um 19:07 (Fotos:16 | Geodaten:1)