Valley of Fire

Published by donandjanet , 8 March 2007, 14h59.

Region: World » United States » Nevada

The Valley of Fire was named for its beautiful orangish red fire colored stone formations.  We have visited Valley of Fire a few times, in different seasons.  We found the early winter season to be very fascinating.  Being that is is in the desert, you would find cactus in the snow.  Also, whatever was facing the sun was very warm, and in the shadows you would find snow.  We found ourselves marveling at the extreme temperature differences just between our very warm faces which were towards the sun, to our chilled backs which were away from the sun.  You can truly get lost up these rocky colorful cliffs.  Rock cabins from long long ago can be found on your hike.  These were very cool, and because they are from so long ago, it was exciting to stand where our early settlers once lived. Another very interesting artifact were the Petroglyphs: Etchings on the walls from Indians long ago.  There is even a place where some famous Sci-Fi movies were filmed.  If you have folks with you who are not real hikers, there are plenty of scenic places for them to hang-out and wait on those of us who love to hike!  We have seen brilliant mountain blue birds, wild horses, and lots of lizards on our treks here.

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