Taquahmenon Falls

Published by donandjanet , 25 February 2007, 01h54.

Region: World » United States » Michigan
Time: 4:00
Route:Lower Falls to Upper Falls

A simply wonderful stroll through the woods, up and down a few hills, along the Taquahmenon River.  4 miles one way.  We hiked from the lower to the upper falls.  Hike from the lower to upper falls or vice versa.  The Lower Falls photos are from 2001,. Summertime Upper Falls are from August 2006 (the date on the camera is incorrect.)  Summertime is gorgeous with all of the "green" that is out, however, autumn...like anywhere with changing leaves...is simply breathtaking!  Located in the Upper Pennisula, near Lake Superior, you will find not only Taquahmenon, but also White Fish Point in the near by area.  A short hike on the beach or beach side along Lake Superior always offers up a breath of fresh air.  If you are looking to stay a night or 2 there are camp grounds and lodging in both Taquahmenon and Paradise, MI.  Winter time brings on a whole new look to this area, snow shoeing is very popular.  The frozen falls are amazing.  The winter photos were taken a few years ago, but I just found this cool site and wanted to share.  A very easy and scenic trail.  Great for families.  Dogs are allowed.

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Sesée says: Hi
Sent 6 March 2007, 18h04
Hello donandjanet

Great to hear something from the USA in this forum. Really super pictures and the interesting report. I hope you do understand a bit German that you can enjoy all the wonderful reports from all over the world.
A very warm welcome


donandjanet says: RE:Hi
Sent 6 March 2007, 18h51
Hey there - I did take 3 years of German in High School - but that was many years ago, and about all I remember is" Der himmel ist blau, and I can count to over 100! :) Thank you for the nice comments. I am really enjoying this site. I will be posting some more photos from some hikes we did out west in Nevada and California, as well as some other Michigan trips as soon as I get caught up on some work. Glad the photos brought some joy.

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