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Carrauntoohill   T3+  
Lough Acoose-Carrauntoohill-Lough Acoose - County Kerry, Ireland
A nice long strenous hike to Carrauntoohill away from tourist trail. Make sure to bring warm waterproof clothes even on hot day. Weather can change quickly. An ability to read and navigate from maps is necessary. Some steep sections and a head for heights required along some sections. As always be prepared for the worst.
Publiziert von hpshane 4. Oktober 2012 um 13:00 (Fotos:5 | Geodaten:1)
Dingle   T3  
23 Sep 12
Lough Anascaul Circuit
This is a lovely if strenuous hike / scramble around the beautiful lake. There is car parking for 6 cars at lakes edge. From here one follows the track NW for a few min until you pass a gate to your left. Leave track, pass through gate and ascend/scramble the steep grass gully directly above. After 30 to 45 min assent you reach...
Publiziert von hpshane 3. Oktober 2012 um 22:20 (Fotos:10 | Geodaten:2)
Carrauntoohill   T3+  
2 Sep 12
Knockbrinnea, Beenkeragh-Carrauntoohill
We start this strenuous mountain hike/scramble from the Lisleibane Car park (V 825; 875). From here our first objective is Knockbrinnea spot height 847m in a SW direction. This entails a strenuous and steep pull all the way to peak. From here we take a W direction to spot height 854m, on the day of hike the views all round were...
Publiziert von hpshane 11. September 2012 um 14:04 (Fotos:11 | Geodaten:2)
Außerhalb der Alpen   T2  
22 Aug 10
Dresdner hutte to Stubaital Gondel Station.
Lovely walk through alpine terrain. Trail easy to follow,no great difficulty some sections steep. Takes 5 hrs approx. Tips: If you are meeting a bus at gondel station take a timetable.
Publiziert von hpshane 10. September 2012 um 22:25 (Fotos:1 | Geodaten:1)
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