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St.Gallen   T4  
26 Apr 14
Lütispitz and Neuenalpspitz
Tom and me met up on Saturday for our second hike together, after our snow shoe ascent of the Schnebelhorn. The goal this time was the Lütispitz in the southern Alpstein, with the possibility of doing the ridge towards the Neuenalpspitz afterwards. Tom left his nine months pregnant girlfriend at home, so there was always a risk...
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St.Gallen   WT3  
25 Jan 14
The Schnebelhorn is with 1292 meters the highest point of canton Zürich. Tom and me reached it with a hike that was ironically almost entirely within the canton of St. Gallen. Tom had contacted me spontaneously through Hikr the week before, thanking me for my supposedly nicely written reports and suggesting that we do a snow shoe...
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