Jobs Sister 3300 m

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31 Aug 18

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California   T3  
31 Aug 18
Freel Peak and Jobs Sister - "Sandy beach feeling" high up there
This hike is more or less a repeat of Freel Peak and Jobs Sister with a slightly different way back down to the Horse Meadow. I start my hike shortly after 8 AM and walk along the well maintained trail to Armstrong Pass, there I take a right and follow the Tahoe Rim Trail to the saddle northwest of Freel Peak and then up to El...
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California   T3  
29 Jul 16
Freel Peak and Jobs Sister
I wanted to find out how much my rather unacceptable fitness level improved in the last few weeks and didn't have much time to prepare some "fancy hike". Therefore, I decided to do a variation of a hike I have done before. Climbing Freel Peak from Horse Meadow make an altitude gain of about 2500 ft and I should get an idea how...
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California   T2  
17 Okt 14
Jobs Peak, Jobs Sister, Freel Peak Trilogy - A Tahoe Classic
After my "long" hike to Freel Peak a little less than a year ago, I knew I "had" to come back to also bag the close-by Jobs Peak and Jobs Sister. In addition I also still wanted to try the southern access to the 3 highest CA mountains around Lake Tahoe from Horse Meadow. When I saw the report from the "Mountainhiker" to...
Publiziert von 360 20. Oktober 2014 um 19:58 (Fotos:16 | Geodaten:2)