Eagle Peak 722 m

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6 Mär 14

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California   T2  
6 Mär 14
Mt. Diablo (3849ft / 1178m) in spring
Sun and fun in California Escaping from the polar vortex to California, we were looking for a non-technical day hike near our homebase in the SF Bay Area. Mt. Diablo seemed like a perfect destination. Although the peak is not even 1200m high, it allows for a nice peak bagging loop with around 1400m of elevation gain. Fellow...
Publiziert von felixbavaria 12. März 2014 um 17:40 (Fotos:19 | Kommentare:2)
California   T5+ II  
19 Feb 14
Mount Diablo - or - that's why they call it the "Thicket of the Devil"
Mount Diablo, the "center peace" of Mount Diablo State Park is an isolated peak which is visible from most of the San Francisco Bay Area and much of northern California. It's "only" 3557 feet high (1178m) but has a remarkable visual prominence. On a clear day one can see many of the Sierra peaks, a lot of the Central Valley and of...
Publiziert von 360 21. Februar 2014 um 18:00 (Fotos:28 | Geodaten:1)