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Morgendliche Landstraße bei Halbau

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prasad says: Beautiful..
Sent 26 August 2011, 08h53
Will prefer to walk or cycling at this place...Truly refreshing experience :)

lainari says: RE:Beautiful..
Sent 30 August 2011, 21h24

...the geometry of coincidence helped to take this picture.

prasad says: RE:Beautiful..
Sent 31 August 2011, 09h22
sheer luck... where is this place ???
Promote this snap.... i swear national geographic will defintely appreciate this shot
anyway i've added as a wallpaper on my desktop :)

lainari says: RE:Where is this place ???
Sent 2 September 2011, 17h38
Country Rd. S 115 between Cunewalde and Halbau, Saxony, Germany

By the way, I´m a hik(e)r, not a promoter ;-)

prasad says: RE:Where is this place ???
Sent 3 September 2011, 08h30
hahahaha..gud... keep posting :-)

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