Zina likes when we take a photograph of her

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Taka says: Belgian Shepherd?
Sent 20 September 2007, 21h57
Long time ago I had a black belgian shepherd (groenendael). The name was PINA ;-))

Anna says: RE:Belgian Shepherd?
Sent 20 September 2007, 23h39
Zina ist eine Mischung zwischen Golden Retriever (Mami) und Border Collie (Papi).

When we saw her the first time, it was very funny to see a gold mother with 6 black pets. Zina was the blackest (except some white, but not gold), the smallest and the faster.
The owner of her mother used to call her "petite puce".

I use to say that she is a "berger fribourgois".

Sent 27 September 2007, 15h59
Ist Zina so brav und treu wie sie aussieht?

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