Zina likes when we take a photograph of her

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Taka hat gesagt: Belgian Shepherd?
Gesendet am 20. September 2007 um 21:57
Long time ago I had a black belgian shepherd (groenendael). The name was PINA ;-))

Anna hat gesagt: RE:Belgian Shepherd?
Gesendet am 20. September 2007 um 23:39
Zina ist eine Mischung zwischen Golden Retriever (Mami) und Border Collie (Papi).

When we saw her the first time, it was very funny to see a gold mother with 6 black pets. Zina was the blackest (except some white, but not gold), the smallest and the faster.
The owner of her mother used to call her "petite puce".

I use to say that she is a "berger fribourgois".

tante_inge hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 27. September 2007 um 15:59
Ist Zina so brav und treu wie sie aussieht?

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