arrivo a Ravöra, guardando all'indietro. a sinistra arriva il sentiero da Chignöö, al centro della foto, individuato dal palo infisso nel terreno, l'inizio del sentiero appena percorso

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valser hat gesagt: ravöra cranzünell
Gesendet am 16. April 2017 um 23:02
ciao gmoty
non parlo molto italiano, per questo in inglese:
i think you did a different traverse from cranzünell to ravöra and back than i did here:
did you arrive in ravöra from below or from above?
the place where you crossed the ri di chignöö seems different than where i crossed it...

gmonty hat gesagt: RE: ravöra cranzünell
Gesendet am 17. April 2017 um 09:13
I you did the direct crossing from Ravora to Corte di Fondo, I made the trail from the ford on the river Cranzunell (at an altitude 1220 m approximately) on the traditional trail to Alpe Cranzunell

This is the route 2.5 of the book "Alpi di Val Bavona" of Giuseppe Brenna


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