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This face offers the famous Cosmic Wall: a little bit too hard for me to solo and there's no easy descent afterwards.
I'll be baaack!

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360 Pro says: cos/zmic
Sent 18 August 2015, 18h45
> I'll be baaack!
You keep saying that. When?

> ... are you in, 360?
You betcha - as long as you take the lead!

And on the way home we'll stop at the Cozmic Cafe, where "someone-you-know" and her brother have some art hung up...

Greets from the Heats of NorCal,

Alpin_Rise says: RE:cos/zmic
Sent 21 August 2015, 18h30
Hmmm... asap! Aber du zuerst in die CH, oder?

Cozmic sounds good, too good ;-)

G ausm Schweizer Spätsommer, Rise

360 Pro says: RE:cos/zmic
Sent 25 August 2015, 22h08
> Hmmm... asap! Aber du zuerst in die CH, oder?
Ja, asap ;-) Mal schaun wer das Rennen gewinnen wird...

GLG, 360

PS: So El Niño will (und die Vorzeichen stehen sehr gut) soll es diesen Winter hier endlich wieder mal so richtig Schnee und Regen geben!

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