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Norway   T5 II  
26 Jul 19
Next to Store Austabotntind and Ringstind the traverse from Lauvnostinden to Soleibotntindande offers some nice ridge climbing. From the parking (free) at Tverrelvin we cross the lake and grass area to the side of the Lauvnostind ridge. We cross onto the ridge, pathless, over some scree and blocks and follow the ridge to the...
Published by ulsen 29 July 2019, 16h52 (Photos:3)
Norway   T5 II  
27 Jul 19
Store Austabotntind
The hot summer days led us to Hurrungane, the most alpine part of Jotunheimen. Starting from Berdalsbandet (free parking) at 10 o'clock with perfect weather, we first follow the path to the south, turning east/north-east after about 200 height meters. Then, mostly without a path, over a huge scree field to the ridge of Vestre...
Published by ulsen 29 July 2019, 16h11 (Photos:1)
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