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Surselva   T6- II  
29 Sep 18
Piz Vallatscha (Hikr-Erstbesteigung), Piz Miez, Scopi, Pizzo del Corvo
Piz Vallatscha gibt es in Graubünden zwei mal. Piz Vallatscha am Ofenpass wird wohl noch regelmässiger besucht. Piz Vallatscha am Lukmanierpass ist deutlich weniger bekannt. Auf Internet findet man nur Infos auf sowie im eBook "Einsame Gipfelziele Graubünden". Auch in Strahlerkreisen hat der Berg offenbar ein wenig...
Published by Stijn 2 October 2018, 20h47 (Photos:48 | Comments:3 | Geodata:1)
Uri   PD  
13 Jan 18
Rottällihorn, Gross Leckihorn, descent Witenwasserenpass-Oberwald
Day 1 Realp - Rottällihorn - Rotondohütte 1400m ascent, 350m descent, 4h45, PD The weather is perfect and skiers have come to Realp by the dozens to take advantage of the conditions. Around Höhenbiel, the "summer route" is passable on skis as well, with the exception of the debris of one avalanche, which needs to be...
Published by Stijn 17 January 2018, 21h00 (Photos:70 | Comments:3 | Geodata:2)
Obwalden   T5+ II  
14 Oct 17
Schafnase NW ridge + Rossflue
The northwest ridge on the Schafnase summit of the Giswilerstock is a popular route on Hikr, and rightfully so. The nearby Glaubenbielen pass means that you can complete a worthwhile and challenging scrambling route in less than 3 hours. Including the traverse of the Rossflue gives you even more fun, while the total time stays...
Published by Stijn 18 October 2017, 19h07 (Photos:52 | Comments:1 | Geodata:1)
Oberwallis   AD III  
26 Aug 17
Alphubel Rotgrat (aborted at ca. 3900m)
In hindsight, the Alphubel Rotgrat was too ambitious for our group. Being five people was too much as well, because even though we moved in two roped parties, we spent a lot of time waiting for each other. But let's start from the beginning... Day 1 Täschalp - Täschütte 1h15, 500m ascent, T2   The...
Published by Stijn 29 August 2017, 20h38 (Photos:50)
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