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Aug 16
Armenien   T2  
19 Jul 18
Finishing Unfinished Business
  We were in the Geghama mountains several years ago, trying to hike Azhdahak. We had reached our trailhead with a rented Lada Niva, and camped in preparation for the hike next day. Snow fell during the night, and the first order of the day was to bring back the Lada to any visible road and safety. This time we returned in...
Published by detlefpalm 16 August 2018, 21h00 (Photos:14 | Comments:5 | Geodata:2)
Dec 22
Armenien   T2  
24 Oct 14
Yerevan Cascade
At an altitude of 900 meter Yerevan is dominated by the mighty silhouette of Noah's mountain, Ararat. However, for generations Ararat and the former Armenian land around it has belonged to Turkey. One can sense a certain melancholy or resignation in this stony country that has suffered repeated conquests and earth quakes. Yet...
Published by detlefpalm 22 December 2014, 09h38 (Photos:7 | Geodata:1)
Dec 20
Armenien   T2  
20 Oct 14
Parz Lich - towards Maymekh Lerr
Having been dismissed by foul weather on Azhdahak, we were recovering our spirits through a grand tour of Armenian Monasteries. Still, we wanted to do some hiking, but were lacking information for alternative lower-altitude hikes suitable for late October. Hiking maps are not yet common in Armenia. Google Earth images of this...
Published by detlefpalm 20 December 2014, 18h40 (Photos:7 | Geodata:2)
Dec 2
Armenien   T2  
17 Oct 14
Attempt on Azhdahak
October is not the best time to climb high mountains in Armenia, but I had work to do and so we gave it a try. Our aim was Azhdahak, one of the high (3597 meters), but not difficult mountains near Yerevan, and part of the Geghama range. Azhdahak is not a sharp peak. The slopes of Azhdahak are inhabited in summer by shepherds,...
Published by detlefpalm 2 December 2014, 19h47 (Photos:10 | Geodata:1)