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Aug 23
Malá Fatra   T2 F  
4 Aug 14
Malá Fatra - Maly Krivan
Walking over the Mala Factra. Starting in Nezbudska Lucka and climbing up to and along the ridge line to Maly Krivan (1671m) reaching 5 peaks on route then heading down to Bela. Over 12 Hours walk with weather ranging from sun to Heavy Rain and lightening storms.
Published by bogwert 23 August 2018, 13h19
Surselva   T3  
18 Sep 16
19.4km - 1250 meter accent - 6hrs 55mins Fanellhorn (3124m) complete! Minimal to zero visibility. Rain, sleet and snow. Starting early in Vals, Switzerland. A short bus ride to the base of the Alp. Working off a 1:50k map and following markings. we began ascending with viability very minimal. cloud continued all...
Published by bogwert 23 August 2018, 13h06