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Mar 30
Oberhalbstein   PD+  
30 Mar 19
Piz Surgonda (3195 m) & Tschima da Flix (3301 m) - ski tour from La Veduta
Start of this ski tour near La Veduta at the Julier pass road at 6:15 AM (after first driving for two hours to get there...). On the way to Piz Surgonda, I passed on the east side of Corn Alv. I was briefly considering hiking on foot to the main summit of Corn Alv, but it looked like it would be quite a struggle, so I did not try...
Published by Roald 31 March 2019, 14h28 (Photos:26 | Geodata:1)
Jul 17
Oberhalbstein   T4+ I  
17 Jul 17
Piz Surgonda (3196 m) and a few more peaks
This hike was mainly inspired by hike reports from ivo66 describing various hikes in the area. It ended up being a really nice hike with picture perfect weather in the morning. But it was also quite strenuous with the craggy and rocky grounds, and all the loose scree. Start of the hike at 7:00 at the Julier pass road (La...
Published by Roald 18 July 2017, 11h02 (Photos:33 | Geodata:1)