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Mar 30
Oberhalbstein   PD+  
30 Mar 19
Piz Surgonda (3195 m) & Tschima da Flix (3301 m) - ski tour from La Veduta
Start of this ski tour near La Veduta at the Julier pass road at 6:15 AM (after first driving for two hours to get there...). On the way to Piz Surgonda, I passed on the east side of Corn Alv. I was briefly considering hiking on foot to the main summit of Corn Alv, but it looked like it would be quite a struggle, so I did not try...
Published by Roald 31 March 2019, 14h28 (Photos:26 | Geodata:1)
Aug 13
Oberhalbstein   T5- I  
13 Aug 16
Piz d'Agnel (3204 m), Tschima da Flix (3316 m) and Piz Picuogl (3333m)
On this day the weather was perfect for a long hike to Tschima da Flix and other surrounding peaks. I started the hike at the parking lot on Alp Flix at 1900 m, and followed the road to Tigias (where the mountain restaurant and hotel Piz Platta is). Then I headed up the creek along Ava da las Tigias up to the flat area Plang Lung...
Published by Roald 15 August 2016, 14h25 (Photos:35 | Geodata:1)