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Abruzzo   T3 PD I  
30 Jun 18
Corno Grande Occidentale 2912 m (via normale)
Corno Grande is a huge, hulking peak in the Gran Sasso. The climb to the summit from Campo Imperatore on the Via Normale is about 11 km which takes around 5 hours of hiking.The elevation gain is around 800 m. It's a popular hike so if you crave solitude, try something else. The first 700 m of elevation gain are quite easy: the...
Published by JosefChe 10 August 2018, 03h31
Tuscany   T5+ II  
25 Jul 17
Monte Pisanino
Monte Pisanino is the highest peak in the Apuane and one of the few hikes which includes a blue blazed trail. To make this hike even more of a challenge I used public transport to get to and from the trailhead at Resceto. There are (as of 2017) only three buses a day to Resceto and the bus number is L78: the buses leave from the...
Published by JosefChe 27 August 2017, 22h45
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